At the Arthur King 3-for-1 Installation

The show by Los Angeles based art collective Arthur King was rad. Each one of the 3 installations was based on a separate project by Arthur King, and they were all roommates at 98 Orchard last week.

Using multi-channel headphones, attendees could listen to the music dedicated to each installation as they moved along the gallery.

First up: Randy Randall’s solo album project, Sound Field Vol. 1, released earlier this year in collaboration with artist Aaron Farley. Randy played a intimate show at the gallery, and that alone is a gift. You didn't need headphones for that one.


The second installment was an interactive audiovisual installation that involved playing with a bucket of soybeans. As guests interacted with the beans, sound waves would distort the accompanying music and visuals.

The third installment was NYLONANDJUNO, an experimental album and visual art piece by Grandaddy founder, songwriter and producer Jason Lytle and creative collective Mind Palace.

Check out the photos by Aaron Farley below