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Working as a celebrity photojournalist, you often wait weeks for a shot of a Hollywood A-Lister only to have the news cycle shift, causing your photo to get buried, thumbnailed, and recontextualized beyond your control. When they do see the light of day, they’re printed on poor quality material meant to be discarded within the week. That’s why Banjo McLachlan is taking his photographs out of the gossip mags and presenting them for the first time as high-quality – sometimes life-sized – prints to be considered on their own terms. Presented this way, Banjo gives us glimpses into daily life with a depth of feeling that is lost in the short attention span of Hollywood reporting.


Banjo McLachlan is a New York-based photojournalist who has been taking pictures of celebrities since he was sixteen. Starting out in his hometown of Sydney, he relocated to New York City full time in 2013 and has travelled the world taking photographs ever since. This is the first time his celebrity work has been shown. Previous NYC shows include Torrid Zones, SPF 90+ and Oasisamerica. His Work has appeared in Monster Children, American Chordata, Oyster Magazine, Wax Magazine and Transfer Magazine to name a few. Banjo is pleased to present his new show BIG DEAL.